Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design

Creation has grown furthest from common interest, a century and a half ago, Charles Darwin published the Origin of Specie, challenging the religious theories of creation, but concerning a topic quiet so controversial in nature, due to its impeding negation with the suite of biblical concepts which depict an Almighty dictation for creation alas a natural gradual creation, as was from the bold predicates assumed by 19th Century explorer Charles Darwin.

Maybe if we factor in the chaos, somethings could make sense or could be brought about to make a bit more sense. Thus here is a book that dares to challenge what has been engineered for more than a century. Fret not for this book is far from scientific literature, its well informed art in my opinion. But the Chaos I see in nature is mostly what I have come to call God.

Short Review,

The book’s best, most honest moments come in the concluding chapter, in which the author, Meyer, travels to see the famous Burgess Shale in person. His son goes ahead on the trail but then suddenly freezes, stricken with vertigo after peering down the mountainside. He likens his son’s paralysis to modernity’s despair at materialism, its shock at the prospect that the universe is utterly indifferent. He writes frankly, saying that his quest is to give people back their sense of meaning and purpose. Here, at last, Meyer is not pretending to be a scientist.

For those whom believe that there is a God, will find this read a most thrilling book, still a good read for those whom are contrarians.