Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid

This is somewhat a very intimidating book to almost everyone, its name seems like a new theory in maths, physics and that tense ochestral classics, and its structure is much like a mathematics book for the so-called: Nerds, with all due respect to Geeks.

Lest I quell the rumors drumming in your head, its far from a story book nor the Brief History of Time, I'm pretty certain that those whom do take time to read it, will understand it, as compared to the late Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time that people fashionably own.

Review of an Eternal Golden Braid

To tell the simplest truth, D. Hofstadter is much like a Shakespear whom has a very important thing to say, but to say the intent in a straight-forward manner is much like telling a baby how to walk and not allowing the baby the advantage of having to have crawled, tripped and fell on their face a few moments, before they get the bull by horns. So coming back to D. H, when you read an Eternal Golden Brain, one tends to get lost in the labrynth of near aesthatically lyrical poetry with a purpose either than just being beautiful.

So, most times people have alot of information, that of which if they could manage it in a much better manner would with the intention of doing their best, for themselves, consequently assist their brethren, this is one book that turns a machine into something with the amount of operation and precision of effortless prowess. It helps you understand how your brain works, riddens of the clutter.