Which intelligence are you?

Singularity is a term that has been heavily devoted to Astrological Physics, low and behold, we approach a point in time when terms get re-appropriated to fit something else, which put me into my old English teacher's last nerve when I reassigned latin words used in Biology in my fiction writing course-work. It gives me last breath draw that the head architect of computer's Von Neumann redefined Singularity to mean computer of flesh & blood, human beings are surprisingly never satisfied and we naturally look for ways to enhance what our 'plethora' of genes have arranged to compute the 'acgt' gene sequence.


In a world were we have over the time that we have existed, we have moved from the hunting plains in central Africa, setting traps for an okapi, to chasing the wounded buck, we always expected that the buck will dash off at a pretty constant pace, it has come to that point that as humanity we have an urge to hunt deeper into the black abyss that might have prey that might burst faster at unpatterned speeds, this comes to the factor of technology, people expect that technology will project in a somewhat fathomable pace, a man building something by in a box gets to learn that someone else has beat them to it, and they keep outpacing them, might they not be human?

The reason being simple, they are not obliged by the bone they find themselves within, they are currently connected to the cloud, they are experimenting with a way to get their brain to get information first-hand from their machines, when they sleep, their machines keep up with the work, when they awaken, their machines report and they push further, a purposeful life, we are accelerating to the stage when all these things are possible. All within a decade does Ray Kurzweil estimate, that the pace at which technology will change such that it has an irreversible transformation.

The Singularity Is Near is far from simplicity that I make out here, Ray Kurzweil is far from making specific predictions of how your life will be like in 25 year, however he makes well itended predictions and a much more of a wake-up call to those whom are still chasing a gazelle springing across the solid plains, note, this gazelle accelerates like an exponential projectile.